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Domain Name Questions

How do I get my own domain name?
In most cases you will want to use your own domain name as the address of your web site. For example, you may want to have a domain name like so that people can visit your web site at either or To be able to use your own domain name you first need to register it. To do that, you need to find an appropriate domain name registrar.

There are many different registrars around the world. Registrars usually register just a few different types of domain names. For example, we register .com, .net, .org, .us, .info, .biz, .tv, .ws, .nu, .bz, .cc, .ca,,, .name,,,, .tm, .cn,, . So if you want to register one of these, then we could do that for you, just click here to go to our domain registration page, domains start at $9.95 a year.

Please note that different registrars have different requirements, procedures and prices so you will need to review the details of their service to determine whether you are willing and able to register a particular domain name. Before attempting to register any domain name you will also need to check first whether it is available - perhaps somebody else has already registered it. Most registration services provide tools on their sites so that you can check availability easily.

Please note too that domain names are usually leased for a given period and after that period expires you will need to pay renewal fees to your domain name registrar if you would like to continue to use the domain.

What is a Virtual Domain?
A virtual domain allows you to have your own domain name ( without having to install expensive server hardware and software. We allocate space on our servers for your use. Your space can be accessed through the web at and email can be sent to you at

Can I transfer my existing site to your servers?
Certainly. These days domain name transfers are usually quick and easy. After you place your web hosting order we will setup your account promptly so that you can upload your site to our servers via FTP or using your Control Panel. It usually takes a day or two for your domain name to be pointed at your new site on our servers. If you are using FTP or the Control Panel to upload your site, you can upload your site to our servers before your domain name is transferred, so that when the domain name transfer does take effect then your visitors will be seamlessly directed to your new site. That way there will be no downtime for your site and the change will be transparent to your visitors. If you are using FrontPage to upload your site then unfortunately you will need to wait until after your domain name transfer takes effect before you can publish your site, so there will be a short downtime involved while you publish your site to our servers.

Will you transfer my .com/.net/.org domain name for me?
We will provide you with the necessary name server information when we send you your account details, so that you can arrange the transfer of your domain name yourself. Please note that most registrars provide easy online tools for you to transfer your domain, and also provide customer support services in case you experience difficulties. Of course our customer support team will also be happy to provide you with advice to ensure that your domain name is transferred quickly and easily.

Can you host foreign domain names (.uk, .jp, .ca etc)?
Yes, we can. We are not able to transfer these domain names for you but we are happy to provide you with the technical details about your server so that you can apply to transfer these domains yourself.

Can I point more than one domain name at my site?
You can point extra domain names at the home page of your existing site on our servers as long as the two domain names relate to identical site content. For example, you may want to point at There is a one-time setup fee for each additional domain name pointed at your site in this manner. Please see our Addons List for the cost of this "Domain Parking" facility. With the domain name parking facility we map the extra domain name to your site, so that people can visit your site by pointing their browser at the parked domain as well as the existing domain.




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